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Tourism in Qatar Free Essay Example, 3000 words

In the light of above theory, it is very clear that the local people of the city of Qatar are more dependent on various other alternatives. Various international festivals like food festival, film festivals are the key source of income for the local people in the city of Doha. Both the food festival as well as the film festival is a major point of attraction for people across the globe. Many people across various parts of the globe are keen to have a visit in Doha during the time of food festival or film festival. The number of tourists is rising every year as both events are gaining popularity every year. Here the discussion is based on the impact of Doha food festival in the growth of the economy of Doha. It is very obvious that various festivals all over the globe attract visitors. The amount of money spent by the visitors boosts the local economy both on and off the festival site. Increasing number of travelers not only helps the economy to grow but at the same time provides var ious new opportunities for jobs in travel and tourism sector, helps to develop society and infrastructure-as a whole brings about a holistic development for any society. We will write a custom essay sample on Tourism in Qatar or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page

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Nurses Should Be All Men Not Women - 1138 Words

Jessica Wheeler Klotz English 1302 29 November 2015 â€Å"Nurses Should Be All Men Not Women† Almost all people refer to nurses that are men as â€Å"male nurses†. But why is that so? We don’t specify â€Å"male judge† or â€Å"male lawyer†, so why so we do it with nurses? It’s because nursing is one of the most female-dominated occupations and is associated with being a â€Å"women’s job† so we feel the need to specify when we have a male nurse. History, media, economic factors and social aspects all play a role into the stereotype that all nurses should be women, not men. However, men are just as capable of having the intelligence, patience, and compassion that is required in a being good nurse. A look back through history reveals that men played a dominant†¦show more content†¦A look back through history clearly shows: that men are just as capable of being nurses as women. Men and women as nurses should have advanced after Nightingale’s era; unfortunately we i gnored the past commitment men had to the career and subdued to an unreasonable stereotype that men didn’t posses the same â€Å"inherent† characteristics needed to be a nurse. A significant aspect that contributes to the way we perceive male nurses is the stereotype that doctors are typically male. The image most people have is male doctor, female nurse. Centuries ago women weren’t allowed be to doctors because they â€Å"couldn’t handle it† or â€Å"weren’t smart enough† etc. Nowadays more and more women are becoming doctors, and they are being rightfully praised for their work. One statistical study shows that â€Å"since 1970, women have grown from 9.7 percent of physicians to 32.4 percent in 2010†(Strasser, Annie). Similarly, â€Å"The new study, Men in Nursing Occupations, shows the proportion of male registered nurses has more than tripled since 1970, from 2.7 percent to 9.6 percent†(MacPhail, J. (1996). As the growth of women becoming doctors tripled, women were admired for their dedication and hard work. Yet as more men became nurses they weren’t praised, they were made fun of. But why is that? It’s because see nursing as a step down from being a doctor. It’s the â€Å"female role† which means it’s

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The Theory Of Christianity And Christianity - 1321 Words

People have always been looking for a way to explain the universe. We have always been developing new ideas explaining our beginnings, and how we came to be. We look for the cause of a certain earthly phenomenon such as the weather or the rising and setting of the sun. Our ancient ancestors at the dawn of humanity were in a huge and confusing world, obviously trying to make sense of it all. This beginning of our intellectually adept species had no people before them to learn from, and formulated simple theories that could easily explain everything. The idea of a higher being, a deity, was an easy concept to grasp. Some of the very early creationist theories were centered on a polytheistic foundation. Polytheism was the cornerstone of many ancient civilizations including Egyptian, Greek, and Roman cultures. As the years passed, monotheism became a more popular concept and religions such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam were founded. People became emotionally connected to their deit y and the story was spread. Just like that, a good majority of our race was involved in a religion of some kind. Very few had ever questioned the story until the Scientific Revolution. Officially beginning in the mid 16th century, the Scientific Revolution was a period when the rate of scientific discovery exploded. A few of the leading scientists during this time were Copernicus, Vesalius, Kepler, Galileo, and Newton. These people began to theorize that the universe could be explained from aShow MoreRelatedScience And Christianity : The Big Bang Theory974 Words   |  4 PagesScience and Christianity From the beginning of time, science and religion have fought each other. Both trying to explain life and the things that go on in our daily lives. There are many topics where science and Christianity don’t see eye to eye. Both believe many different things. Religion believes in faith and science believes in observing the environment and phenomena that happens around us. Many Christians believe that god created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. After creatingRead MoreEssay on Thomas Aquinas’ Theory of Christianity Theology is Science587 Words   |  3 PagesThomas Aquinas’ Theory of Christianity Theology is Science Thomas Aquinas claims Christianity is a science with the use of the writings of Aristotle on scientific knowledge. Aquinas also makes the claim that theology, or the study God, is a science accepted through Revelation. Faith provides ammunition for Aquinas to state that believers of Christianity have the affirmation of God already inside of them. This claim considered that divine writings were inspired by God. Aquinas stated, The principlesRead MoreEssay about Christianity And The Just War Theory668 Words   |  3 Pages Does the Just War Theory provide sufficient moral justification for Christians’ involvement in war? The Just War Theory is a set of criteria that are used to judge whether a war is morally justifiable. It was St Augustine in the third century that formulated the Just War theory, and was formalised 10 centuries later by Thomas Aquinas. There are seven criteria by which a war can be judged to be just. Among the rules are Just Cause – there must be a very good reason for going to war, such as protectingRead MoreDivided Christianity: What Went Wrong 1468 Words   |  6 Pagesof protestant churches and countries across Europe and America. It also marked the beginning of the effects of modern scientific theory and reasoning on Christian thought and beliefs. Scientific theories like Darwinism had great impacts on the churches leading to many of the Christians starting to question some of the beliefs and values they once held . These theories led to a mass move of initial Christians from the regular and traditional observance of religion and belief in Christian teachingsRead MoreEs say on Sciene and Christianity512 Words   |  3 PagesSciene and Christianity Generally, science and Christianity are considered two contradictory views of the universe. Science symbolizes an evolutionary and naturalistic view of the universe from which God is (or at leastRead MoreThe Conflict Between Religion And Science951 Words   |  4 Pagesand Religion, Are they Compatible, by Daniel C. Dennett and Alvin Plantinga. Alvin Plantinga thoroughly debates the topic by covering the compatibility of Christianity and science. He continues his argument by stating the issue of naturalist and science harbor the conflict not the theism. Plantinga goes into detail how some scientific theories without the help of theism has conflict and should be considered falsifiable because of the contradictions they possess. While Alvin Plantinga does make aRead More Christianity and Liberalism by Gresham Machen-Machen Essay1738 Words   |  7 Pagesin the 1920s was divided between his time at Princeton Seminary and his political work with Presbyterians. In addition to Christianity and Liberalism, Machen works are such as The Origin of Paul’s Religion, What is Faith, New testament Greek for Beginne rs, The Virgin Birth of Christ, The Christian Faith in the Modern World, and The Christian View of Man. In 1923, Christianity and Liberalism was first published in a middle of major controversy in a Presbyterian church over the issue of theologicalRead More4-Mat-Review1471 Words   |  6 PagesUniversity 4-MAT-Entwistle Entwistle’s concept on psychology and Christianity allows the student to foster a better understanding the importance of integrating the concepts of science (psychology) and religion. In the book the author’s opinion of integrating psychology and Christianity is displayed to possess the client’s understanding that science and religion when integrated will promote a higher probability of healing. Christianity has been a part of the lives of mankind since the fall of Adam.Read MoreChristianity Christianity is one of the major religions on the world.1300 Words   |  6 PagesChristianity Christianity is one of the major religions on the world. Christianity has had a continuous and complex history of development through the early Church Councils that formulated the creeds, the emergence of theology, the schism between Roman and orthodox Christianity in the eleventh century .All Christians are the followers of the Christ, the Jesus. Christian culture is totally based up on the death of the Christ, the one who died for the fellow children. WhyRead MoreChrists Resurrection Essay923 Words   |  4 Pages The Resurrection The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is the greatest proof of Christianity. Everything else that was said or done by Christ and the apostles is secondary in importance to the resurrection. If the resurrection did not take place, then Christianity is a false religion built on lies. If it did take place, then Christ is God and the Christian faith is absolute truth. Without the resurrection, it is quite certain

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Written and Spoken Discourse free essay sample

I hope you can tell me more interesting things about you in you letter of response. Sincerely Mariana Kisses. The text above shows a very good understanding of the language and good use of English for communicative purposes, which is to say that it is more interaction because the student as she mentioned at the end is waiting for a response but in order to know more about her friend not to make some business like in the Transactional purposes. The grammatical cohesion features I found in this text were theses: *Student use anaphoric and exophoric references. One example of anaphoric in which the students point to something back in the text is: I have fight with my new friend Albaly because she is the one than lost my notebook, but we are gonna be find. In this sentence we can see the use of references in : because SHE , referring to Albaly . We will write a custom essay sample on Written and Spoken Discourse or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page and in We are gonna be find. We refers to Albaly and the writer. And exophoric reference will be: By the way I haven? t fixed the old wardrobe.. We do not know exactly when the wardrobe was broken. Another example is: Also I haven? t saw ours old friend Blanca. We do not know who Blanca is like or who she is. In substituting the student did the following: I have fight with my new friend Albaly because she. She is substituting Albaly. The conjunctions used were: because, also, but, etc. The Genre of this text I will consider it as being a narrative because of the way it is written. About coherence I think that student did a great job and made her text really cohesive. She kept and style and also an appropriate used of verb tenses and also the use of conjunctions to link the sentence. The text has simple and complex sentences. Another important thing is that the text is divided in paragraph which let us noticed a good organization of the text. There are many features of natural speech like: contractions, express of feeling and the writing style she used in more common between friends and that makes it more natural. The student had some little mistakes like: I? ve been going to English classes which are great, have a lot of fun the last part would be, I have had a lot of fun. Instead of what she wrote. Another example could be: . Anyway the first day were really great. There is a problem with tense agreement it should be: Anyway the first day was really great. Even though there are some mistakes like the ones above, you can understand the complete writing with no problems; these mistakes do not affect its understanding. The student can write with more patiently because she has used many structures in a correct way, but maybe for such a hurry she did wrong. Spoken Discourse The weekend Chris: So, what did you do this weekend, Kate? Kate: Oh, Diane and I went for a drive in the country on Saturday. Chris: That sounds nice. Where did you go? Kate: We drove to the lake and had a picnic. We had a great time! How about you? Did you do anything special? Chris: Not really. I just worked on my car all day. Kate: That old thing! Why dont you just buy a new one? Chris: But then what would I do every weekend? The features is see as authentic spoken discourse are those that express some feeling and add some spontaneity to the writing, also because the sentences are shorter and with less grammar complexity. Just like: That sounds nice and we had a great time. The artificial are those which complexity is higher also they are colder in terms of expressing feelings. Just like: We drove to the lake and had a picnic, and I went for a drive in the country on Saturday. The weekend Chris: What about your weekend? Kate: You know last Saturday I went to downtown. Chris: Really, how was it? What did u do? Kate: We went to the lake for a picnic. It was amazing you new. But tell me did you do anything special? Chris: Not really. You know I work with my car. Kate: Again? Shouldnt you get another one? Chris: I guess so, but what would I do on weekends? The text above could be used to help students to express freely. It can also help students to like English because some of them remain learning English because they see no purpose and no usefulness. I would use the activity following the next steps: 1. Talking about different ways of expressing ideas. 2. Introducing the dialogue to the students. 3. We will work on new vocabulary to change some of the words in the dialogue. 4. We will also work with idioms in order to help students to get into the language. 5. We will personalize the activity by writing our own dialogue with new ways of saying things 6. We will come up with some conclusion about the use of idioms, slangs, etc for our speech. By. Alberto Leyva Osuna.

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Franklin D. Roosevelt Essays (525 words) - Delano Family

Franklin D. Roosevelt Franklin Delano Roosevelt Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born in 1882 on a Hudson River estate at Hyde Park New York, which was to be his lifelong permanent home. The second son of James Roosevelt, a lawyer, financier, and railroad executive, Franklin was the only child from his father's second marriage to Sara Delano. The parents and private tutors provided the youth with almost all his formative education, which was heightened by his frequent travel and some study in Europe. He was an excellent student and enjoyed many sports. In 1921, while at the family's vacation home off the Maine, Roosevelt was stricken with infantile paralysis. In 1924, he resumed his legal career, and at the Democratic national convention made a dramatic appearance on crutches and nominated Alfred Smith in for the Presidency - although John W. Davis became the candidate. After Republican Herbert Hoover's campaign in 1928 and serving in New York, Roosevelt won the Democratic Presidential nomination in 1932. Although easily defeating Hoover, during the 4-month period preceding Roosevelt's inauguration, the depression worsened. Industrial production plummeted, thousands upon thousands of factories closed, unemployment soured, breadlines lengthened, and bank failures became common. Roosevelt made huge strides as soon as he assumed office. He at once ordered a 4-day closing of banks to cut down on depositor panic. To calm and encourage the public, he began a series of radio broadcastings that he was to continue as a means of explaining his programs and gaining public support. Roosevelt also created many new agencies with the hope of raising crop prices and increasing wages. These agencies, including the Agricultural Adjustment Act, the National Industrial Recovery Act, and Public Works Administration, created voluntary business and industrial codes geared toward increasing wages, maintaining prices, and reducing unemployment. Thankfully, legislation finally slowed during the rest of 1933 and in 1934. However, soon after, Roosevelt introduced his most recognizable piece of legislature, The New Deal. Mostly due in part to this, Roosevelt won reelection in 1936, easily defeating Republican Alfred M. Landon, and, by lesser margins, would beat Republican candidate Wendel L. Wilkie in 1940 and Thomas E. Dewey in 1944. Roosevelt shattered the 2-term tradition, being elected to 4 terms and serving more than 12 years. Elsewhere on the globe, threatening forces were on the rise. During the late 1930's, European affairs grew ugly and the thought of World War II became a reality. The war itself began in 1939, but Roosevelt hesitated to enter the U.S. until the December 7, 1941 bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. Roosevelt mobilized the nation, declared war on the Axis Powers and created a hopes for lasting peace through the creation of the United Nations organization. Roosevelt was cheered as the tide of war shifted decisively in favor of the Allies. He conferred with other Allied heads of state and stressed the need for unconditional surrender. Sadly, he did not witness the final victory. Only weeks before the war ended in Europe, Franklin Delano Roosevelt died on April 12, 1945 in Warm Springs, Georgia, later to be buried in his original neighborhood in Hyde Park, New York. Biographies

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Head Start essays

Head Start essays The highest rates of oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) and conduct disorder (CD) are found in low-income welfare families. The Head Start program is for the continued enhancement of services for poor children ages zero to five, and their families. The parents of the children in the Head Start program are rarely examined. Head Start instead focuses on the academic performance of the involved children. The article, Preventing Conduct Problems in Head Start Children: Strengthening Parenting Competencies in The Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology decides to take a different approach. Instead of singling out the child and holding only the child responsible for their social and academic behavior, they put the responsibility on the family, the school as well as the child. Nine centers were chosen from within one large urban Head Start district (representing six school districts) on the basis of their similarity in terms of ethnic minority percentages, teachers qualifications, family service workers qualifications and education, number of classrooms, number of children, children's enrollment age, and length of Head Start class (4 hr per day). Another factor was their willingness to participate in the study and to be randomly assigned to either the intervention group (PARTNERS), which is supposed to be an early prevention group to prevent the development of ODD and CD in young children. Or being randomly assigned to the CONTROL group (Head Starts regular curriculum). The Nine Head Start centers were randomly assigned to either groups. This is a plus because the whole center, not just a few classes in the center, is involved in the chosen program. Also, the centers didnt debate on which program that theyd like to participate in. There were more families in the experimental group than in the control group. The Partners or Control program is the indepe...

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Navajo Music and Way of Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Navajo Music and Way of Life - Essay Example Traditionally, Navajo music was composed of male falsetto, yells, and percussion, but due to western influence, the situation has changed; as there is an integration of modernity into Navajo music. Navajo music has evolved tremendously to be where it is today. Traditionally, one could listen to a performance and forget it ever happened, as recording and storage of music were not known then. However, in the modern age, one can have a recorded performance and as well create stored samples of it for future reference. This has provided avenues for selling off the Navajo music, and the fans having an easier way of reviving their musical memories. In the activities of music, there are two parties that are the performers and listeners. In the performer's section, there are singers, dancers and those playing various musical instruments such as drums and flutes. Various bands are also formed depending on the ceremonies the songs are to be sung; which in most cases are the ritual ceremonies. T he Navajo music is also unique in its own way, being that anyone is free to attend the various musical concerts; except for those requiring membership of strictly men or women of the Navajo community, such as ritual songs. On social organization, blues celebrities were considered of low-status in the society when they arose. However, upon gaining popularity abroad, they gained respect and had a high social status. This enabled them to sell their music better and gain higher chances of playing at concerts.